Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Christmas Miracle!

When things get rough, sometimes God is getting ready to show you a miracle - so be excited!
True story: I went out today to purchase a certain Christmas gift for someone (have to be careful in case they see this) and they were sold out everywhere including online. A few weeks ago I was going to buy one and then had the feeling to wait. After all, it is a pricey item and outside of my budget. Buying it would mean, I would need to make some sacrifices, which saddened me. I had planned some fun surprises for some people I care about, and most likely would not be able to do them if  bought this gift (for someone who really needed and desired it). Well, when I realized they were all sold out I was mad at myself for not getting it back then, and wondered if God was letting me know that I shouldn't spend that kind of money anyways. 
Well, I called one last store and they said they actually had one left. So, I drove all the way there and it turned out it was the wrong item. They were out. I was saddened again, until I learned that just minutes before I arrived, someone had come into the store and returned one. An employee happened to set it right next to where I was standing. I was so happy! And because it was a return and had been used, they gave me $50 off. Then as they rang me up, for some reason it was listed for $70 cheaper in their system. The lady had no idea why. So I got $120 off of the normal price! This meant I would have money to spare and would not need to make any sacrifices. I felt so blessed! To me it was a miracle.
When I got home, I noticed that a separate gift I had purchased from another store for someone else was not in my car where it had been. In it's place on the front seat floor, was an empty bag. Had I left the car unlocked? I couldn't remember. Frantic, I searched all over my car and thought to myself, "How nice of them to at least leave me the bag. Hope they really needed it." As I was to deliver this gift today, I felt a sense of panic and frustration. I didn't want to have to drive all the way back to the store and buy another one. I would be over budget again. Why had this happened? I began to complain out loud for being a victim of theft and then I reminded myself how that is not what I teach. I teach others to praise God and thank Him when bad things happen. As hard as it was, I humbled myself and praised my Heavenly Father out loud. I sincerely thanked Him for being in charge and for His will in all things. I told Him that I trusted Him, and repented for being so upset. Then, I had the thought to go back out to my car. So I did. And there was the gift, sitting right there in the front seat! Yes, God had wanted to show me a miracle. After the trial of faith comes the miracle!
Just a reminder that when things seem to be going not as planned, instead of thinking, "Poor me, why this?" just thank God and wait for Him to show you the miracle. He is amazing!

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