Monday, May 11, 2015

This is Beautiful!

I was up late last night watching BYUtv and was able to watch this incredible episode of the Generations Project. It's the journey of a girl who is seeking to learn more about and help her ancestors. I'm such an advocate of generational healing and it was so refreshing to see this beautiful woman's story. I have had many similar and personal experiences, in my life. When you listen with all your heart, might and mind it's amazing what you can learn. If you have time to watch this - it's so worth it!


  1. Thanks for that video. I am very interested in "generational healing" (never heard that term before!) and feel that I have had many promptings to seek out my ancestors (one being stumbling upon your blog). I just don't know where to begin to connect with my ancestors. I already have a pretty detailed family tree built out, but what do I do now? What are some things you did to begin the process of getting to know your ancestors and find generational healing? Would you be willing to share some of your experiences with it? I understand if not, thanks!

    1. You are welcome! I'm actually preparing an upcoming video all about this topic! Stay tuned in the next 2 week and I will explain so much more. I will be sharing personal experiences and things that you can do. For me it's been a lot of personal revelation. I have a friend with some amazing intuitive gifts and when we combine our gifts together I learn a lot. I've been prompted to teach this topic, so I'm glad you asked about it. In the meantime, I mention a little bit about it in this video: